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Granola Bar Manufacturing Process

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-12

Granola Bar is a nice food in the world, it consists of granola mixed with honey or other sweetened syrup, pressed and baked into a bar shape, resulting in the production of a more convenient snack. Now people usually use the granola bar machine to make this food. The following is the testing video of this machine.

The granola bar making machine features:
1.The production line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, automatic cuts composition, with simple operation, stir the finished size, weight consistent.
2.Far infrared heating, nonstick sides of casks, Stir Evenly, nonstick pot.
3. Automatic control reciprocating motion, the average level.
4 automatic dicer, a molding, product size, weight consistent. 
Automatic molding production line is mainly used for peanut brittle,sesame candy etc food processing.
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