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Fortune Cookie Making Machine Manufacturer

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-12

Automatic Fortune Cookie Making Machine
The fortune cookie making machine is the high production efficiency professional equipment of cookie. It is a kind of sweet and crisp biscuit
There is a slip of paper in luck inside it.It is a style of food with national culture of China. Ordinarily it is put to use as sweet after meal in restaurant,also as relaxation.
If you buy our machine, we provide you the following service.
1. All machines and components by the People's Republic of standards, safety regulations to create supply. 
2. All equipment: power supply, voltage 380/220V ± 10% 50HZ, special purpose users, please note in advance. 
3. Provide plant construction manual, the equipment layout technology plans, electrical layout, etc. to be sent after signing a contract to pay. 
4. To send the guidance of the production line installation and commissioning engineers to guide the location of installation. 
For the installation to go abroad for staff travel costs and accommodation at the local, transportation and other costs borne by the demand side. 
5. The complete sets of equipment in addition to the actual production equipment conditions, as varieties of raw materials, 
utilities conditions, skill level involved in the operation to another. 
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