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China Ice Cream Cone Machine Supplier

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-08

The ice cream cone making machine has a novel design, reasonable structure, full stainless steel production, strong and durable, through CE and ISO: 9001-2008, the quality is stable and reliable. And the operation is simple, the key control, temperature adjustable, ensure that the cone is beautiful and complete. One time can make 32 pieces ice cream cones. The baking time is usually 1 to 2 minutes. It is the most ideal equipment for making ice cream cone, which is a necessary equipment for the use of restaurants and restaurants.
wafer cone making machine
Our after service of wafer cone making machine:
1. Free warranty for one year.
2. The following situations are not covered by the warranty service, but can be implemented for fee maintenance or related assistance:
1) the consumer is damaged by improper use, maintenance, improper storage and irresistible force.
2) the consumer disassembly and repair the damage.
3) the voltage is not stable and the product is damaged beyond the normal voltage range or the installation of the power line.
4) product damage caused by fire, earthquake and other irresistible factors and others.
3. Timely feedback on product reporting: indicating the cause of the failure or providing relevant photos,
Due to product quality problems caused by the failure, the warranty period shall be handled according to the following methods:
1) general operation failure is assisted by telephone communication technology.
2) the minor damage of the parts caused the failure, and we sent the damaged parts to replace.
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