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Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Supplier

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-08

The ice cream cone making machine is composed of the upper mold, the lower mold and the control frame. The machine is operated by the handle and the button. It is easy and convenient to move. The electrical part of the machine: centralized electronic components mounted on the frame below the drawer, loosen the screw can be pulled out completely. This machine is a matching equipment for ice cream machine, which is used to make containers for ice cream or other food.
ice cream cone making machine
After service of ice cream cone machine:
1, the machine free warranty for one year.
2, the following conditions do not belong to the scope of repair services, but may be charged maintenance or provide related assistance:
1) Consumers are damaged due to improper use, maintenance, improper storage and force majeure.
2) consumers dismantling their own, causing damage to repair.
3) Voltage is not stable and beyond the normal voltage range or power line installation does not match the damage caused by the product.
4) Fire, earthquake and other irresistible factors and other human factors caused by product damage.
3, product repair, be sure to timely feedback: explain the cause of the malfunction or provide relevant photos,
Really due to product quality problems lead to failure, the warranty period by the following treatment:
1) General operating problems Assistance with telephone communication technology.
2) minor damage caused by the failure of parts damaged by our replacement parts.
3) Serious problems need professional maintenance. If you do not have the local debit card, you can negotiate the repairs and repairs.
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