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Professional Manufacturer to Produce Egg Tart Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-10-26

Henan gelgoog food machinery factory is a professional production of egg tart machinery manufacturer. The egg tart machine has many types, can make the different shapes and sizes egg tarts. Products are exported to Turkey, Canada, Kampuchea, Sultan, India, Russia, Egypt and many other countries.

The machine has many features:
1. PLC program control, about 1600-2800 hours per hour capacity.
2. using HMI touch panel, easy to operate.
3. die replacement is easy, suitable for a variety of styles of production, wide range of uses.
4. excellent performance, clean and easy maintenance, is the easiest and most economical good helper to make money.
5. with automatic cutting, with the machine automatically into the cup, rapid prototyping production line operation.
6. suitable for mass production, save manpower, reduce personnel costs.

The company gathered outstanding scientific and technological personnel, guided by the international market, so that products continue to change new. The company has a perfect service system, with the continuous updating of product technology, we also provide users with reliable product upgrade services, and product installation and debugging guidance, to provide process formulations. We continue to cooperate with customer requirements, to update the technology, better service, more reasonable price, to thank the domestic and foreign new and old customers.
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