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Where Can I Buy Pizza Cone Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2017-10-25

Pizza cone machine produce by our company is the main product in our factory, we have seven years of experience in making pizza machines. The machines have been developed with advanced technology and combined with our own production experience. If you plan to buy a machine, i suggest you to buy from this manufacturer.

The company pizza cone machine runs stably and produces food hygiene and health. The machine can make 40 pizza cones at one time, and it takes three minutes to bake the pizza cone. The material of the mould is aluminum, and the surface is insulating material to prevent sticking to the pizza cones. There is automatic alarm device in the machine, the temperature of the upper and lower dies can be adjusted according to the guests' needs. If you have a free time, welcome to our factory to visit the machine.
pizza cone machine for sale

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