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Supply Rice Candy Forming Machine

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-08

rice candy machine

GG-100 rice candy forming machine (peanut candy, rice candy molding machine) is by far the most perfect models, which is based on customer used experience and the old molding machine, continuous improvement to this day, become the most mature products. This machine is mainly used for making peanut candy, rice candy, rice ball, cereal bar and so on. The machine adopts upside down in the structure, mold in the next, mechanical drive at the top, to prevent sugar residue falling inside the machine, and the equipment adopts stainless steel to made, ensuring food safety and sanitation, can also be convenient for cleaning, even water washing, which greatly improves the level of health food manufacturers.

Considering the northern winter is cold, during the rice candy production process, easy to cool down, this model rice candy molding machine adopt the full range of insulation hopper, keep the raw material in sufficient temperature and feeding evenly, no residue, which is unmatched by other models.

Furthermore, in order to reduce the labor, the machine is connected the hopper to the host machine, after the material is stirred well, directly into the hopper of the host, no manual handling. 

Also the increased degree of automation of the machine, rice candy machine can be seamlessly connected with the materials packaging machine, can realize the whole automatic production line automated production , without any manual.

GG-100 rice candy molding machine is also widely used in the production of melon seeds, peanut candy, grain sticks, sesame candy, because of its existing advantages, as well as popular. If you are interested, please contact with me.
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