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Equipment Used for Cooking Sugar

Publish Lisa On 2017-01-17

cooking pot

Often we see the sugar is granular, crystal clear, can be directly used as the seasoning or directed add in the water, come into being sweet water, but if it is to do those wrapped in sugar-coated food, this sugar is not feasible, because it's not sticky, it doesn't fit wrapped on the food. This time we need a pot to help us,right, sugar cooking pot.

Sugar cooking pot is professional equipment used for cooking sugar. Large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, the heating speed is fast and liquid material boiling time is short. According to the material can be divided into vertical sandwich pot and tilting type sandwich pot, the heating method can be divided into electric heating pot sandwich, sandwich pot, steam gas cooking pot. Safe and convenient to use, widely used. Can be used for boiling water, cooking, boiling the soup, boiled dumplings, fried stuffing and so on. The sugar cooking pot adopt the stainless steel or carbon steel to made, you can choose according to your local situation. 

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