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Cookie Making Machine Arise At the Historic Moment

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-19

Cookies is interpreted a small and flat cake type biscuit in in the United States and Canada.Its name is from German koekje,meaning "small cake". The word in English is used mainly to identify American biscuit such as "chocolate biscuits.

cookie making machine

Nowadays,handmade cookies is one of the most popular food in the world, despite the different characteristics of each cookie, their practice is the same,use water to make the bottom cake as thin as possible and allow bubbles to appear.

It will add a lot of butter and eggs after, then drying, saturating the bubbles and let a little water in the egg cookies escape. This saturation produces the most attractive characteristics of cookies, that is refreshing taste.

Handmade cookies since the last century in 80s, introduced into China from Europe and the United States. At the beginning of this century, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other places set off a wave of handmade chocolate and handmade cookies. In the festival, girls will go to handmade cookies workshop, taste tempting cookies in manufacturing under the guidance of tutor, to give to favorite people or friend, represents the mind and respect.  

This trend gradually Handmade cookies into Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other big city, a lot of girls ordered some cookies with exquisite packaging from workshops to send to the other half.

Therefore, in order to meet the demand for the large of products, we have not used the traditional manual now, we have a special machine to make cookies.

Automatic cookie making machine
 is suitable for a variety of cookies and snacks like chocolate cookies processing, sesame cake, pie, cake, sesame, seaweed puff etc. The cookie machine with its unique technology and excellent quality by the majority of customers.  
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