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Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Suppliers In China

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-26

Our company is a professional research and development, manufacturing, sales of ice cream cone machine manufacturer, we have been established for 8 years, after years of exploration, research, reference, now our production of ice cream cone machine quality, rich production. Ice cream cone making machine is specially designed for making ice cream and similar products.

There are many kinds of ice cream cone machines, such as the ice-cream cone and the crispy egg cone machine. There are many types of ice-cream cone machines, such as semi automatic 2 mould, 4 mould, 10 mould, 12 mould, 24C mould, 32C mould, 40 mould, 60 mould, all automatic 40 mould, 60 mould, 120 mould and so on, these machines can make different ice cream cone, size, shape can be customized, production can also meet the different needs of customers.
 ice cream cone making machine
All the equipment that buy our company, all enjoy the following service: the machine warranty is one year, in the warranty period, the free home maintenance, one year warranty, life-long technical maintenance. Outside the warranty period: the machine is in trouble. In the maintenance process, it is unnecessary to replace the spare parts.

Suggestion for buying ice cream cone machine
If you need to know more, welcome to the company field trip, you can bring the finished products you need to the company on-site trial machine. If you are not convenient to the scene, you can also provide pictures, sizes (egg tube length, diameter and angle) and output to our company. The company integrates your requirements and product specific parameters to provide you with a detailed description of the appropriate ice cream cone equipment and provide you with a solution.

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