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Diversified and high-end market demand challenge biscuit production line

Publish Tina On 2016-12-19

A struggle to develop diversified market, another long to tap China's high-end biscuit market. Means, no matter what the route, the development strategy of enterprise transformation inevitably for biscuit production equipment request higher and more.

It is understood that biscuit production after commonly: raw material pretreatment to the dough modulation, roll the dough to molding, baking and cooling to finishing, packaging, storage and other basic link. Each link is the importance of the level of production technology and technical. after the biscuit baking mature, foreign advanced biscuits to prevent cookies after cooling will increase the rate of biscuits and broken fault, change into the new technology of cooling after finishing first, it is a major improvements to increase economic efficiency. technology development requirements, the production of machinery and equipment are also put forward new requirements, therefore, appeared the reforms of the biscuit equipment abroad.

Adjustable powder machine in order to meet the requirements for continuous production of large, cookie dough soft hard must conform to the standard requirements, ensure the quality of biscuit batch can meet standards. Powder machine capacity increase and, therefore, was installed on the impeller of the powder machine thermal sensor, some also install timing control device, the surface of powder machine is equipped with automatic metal detector in cylinder, found a metal impurities mixed in the raw material, will automatically stop feeding immediately, mechanical alarm signal and stop.

Molding machine abroad to multi-purpose machine development generally, generally uses the roller printing, slitting, cascading, crowded, wire cutting, such as use combined into a whole new biscuit machine, patch thickness control electronic alarming device, make the operator can timely rectification, reduce defective products, ensure production run smoothly.

In addition, the management of the biscuit production line is also very important. foreign industry has taken the electronic computer is applied in cookies, biscuit production has reached automatically ingredients - modulation surface Concorde - machine - roasting - packaging - inventory storage - dispatch all adopt mechanical linkage.

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