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Convenient and Practical Dough Mixing Machine

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-19

When we make any flour food, inevitably encounter one of the steps, that is kneading dough, Kneading dough is an important part of flour food processing.

dough mixer

The main component of flour starch, fat, protein, minerals, when the flour mixed with water, two protein disulfide cross-linking between molecules, forming a large network of other molecules such as starch, fat, minerals and so on into the net, how to make the dough, the dough has to toughness. Kneading dough plays a key role in making flour food. Kneading surface makes the surface in the continuous tension, compression conditions, the surface and the process of the bubble was constantly extrusion, optimize the organizational structure. At the same time, kneading surface by external force increases the water and flour full contact, accelerated the chemical reaction between the molecules, so that flour tends to uniform, thereby enhancing the toughness.

Cooks cook flour food in a large restaurant, and dough mixing machines may be their favorite.Each piece of pasta should start from rubbing, and then processed into a variety of flavors. We love pasta because of its diverse tastes, chefs love it because the dough kneading machine to provide convenience.

Dough mixing machine belongs to a kind of flour food machinery, its main is flour and water for uniform mixing, but also eggs, stuffing. This dough mixer is used to process various flour products. According to the characteristics of flour, different blades can be selected to achieve different effects of dough mixing. Flour processing products have smooth, high transparency, high elasticity characteristics.

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