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Do you know the most important part of produce donuts?

Publish sherry On 2016-12-20

Donuts is delicious, the most important part of making donuts is frying, because the oil temperature and fried time directly affect the color of the food, taste, quality and protein.
The frying machine is a key part of the dounuts production line, it can heat by electrical, coal, gas and others. Is a kind of no smoke, multi function, oil and water mixed type of frying equipment. The equipment adopts the most selective oil and water mixed frying process in the world, has completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment, fundamentally solve the drawbacks of traditional frying pan. Ftying Machine can also fried to variety of food in the same time, and the taste will not affect each other. Do you know the most important part of produce donuts?
Products applicable to beans peanuts and other nuts. Crispy rice, potato chips and other snacks, meat, chicken and other meat products, croaker, octopus and other aquatic products, dried tofu, bean curd and other bean products, etc.
Product features:
1. Advanced oil water mixing technology, overcome the defects of conventional frying machine, automatic filtering,can keep the oil clean, can make a deep fried product . Not only improve the quality of products, to extend the shelf life, but also to bring a higher value-added products.
2. Advanced mechanical configuration, can always maintain a good working state. Not only to improve the output and the quality of products can be stable, color, fragrance, taste unity.
3. The advanced and efficient heating system can avoid the waste of energy and save a lot of energy expenditure.
4. The continuous work of the machine can improve the work efficiency of the unit, reduce the unit cost effectively, also very helpful in labor and management expenses.
5. The equipment can greatly improve the quality of products, reduce the cost of the production process, Make your products more competitive in the market.
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