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The pizza industry prospect analysis

Publish Tina On 2016-12-16

As people living standard rise, the domestic first in both work and life at the same time, the pressure is also gradually increased, under the poor diet, used to stay up late life habits in various health, prompted the health high speed development of leisure industry. according to authoritative industry analysis report, China in 2010 healthy snack food market is as high as 120 billion yuan, total 2006 increased to 15 times, from 2006 year by more than 300% and the geometric level rise.

And dessert "healthy, balanced, nourish" health care efficacy is very good to meet the needs of modern , highly recognized by consumers. Our dessert shop hub in the center of the coastal cities and provinces city, only other lower-tier cities and the following share but 10%, villages and towns market nearly blank, visible dessert wide prospect of market, potential is infinite, is not the first investment of entrepreneurs.

Secondly, as people's life rhythm speeding up unceasingly, the baked food western-style restaurant with its healthy and fast, and can satisfy the need of nutrition advantage more and more get the welcome of more consumers, and pizza as a typical, the success of the European fast food market because of its unique taste compatibility is gradually accepted by Chinese people! In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places is given priority to with pizza leisure food, always of customers, business is booming! And other large, medium and small cities pizza market is almost a blank. Believe that over the next 20 years, the pizza was approaching a peak consumption, the current conservative estimate a year will have 1 billion yuan of market economy, market visible Chinese pizza is immeasurable!

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