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A little story about production line

Publish sherry On 2016-12-20

Formerly, In a small town in northern England, There was a man named Ivy's fish and chips store. In the shop, each customer needs to line up to order his (her) food, such as fried fish, fried potato chips, mushy peas, and a cup of tea. Then each customer waiting to sit down meal full of dishes.
Chips Ivy store is the best in town, at noon on every market day, The long team will drain the shop, so when the next wood shop closed, Ivy just hired it. They had no way to add to the service desk. Ivy’s cod and Bert’s chips is the main selling point of the shop.So, they think out of a smart idea, they lengthen the counter,Ivy, Bert, Dionysus and Marie stood in a row. When customers come in, Ivy to give them a dish with a fish on it, then Bert put a piece of potato chip on it. Dionysus give a pea paste,at last Marie pour the tea tea to customer and  collect money. When a customer got a pea paste,the customer behind he had gotten a frird potato chip, and the customer behind the one who holding a chip has
A little story about production line  
gotten a fish . So the teams get shorter, soon after, they bought the opposite shop and added more seats.This is production line. Divide those repetitive jobs into several serial sections, So that work can be moved among the workers. Every worker only needs to do his part of the work in turn, Although the total time per customer waiting for the service has not changed, four customers can receive service at the same time. So that the number of customers to buy goods in the market day lunch period increased by three times.
Technology development until now ,manpower has been replaced by machines, Not only save time and effort, Human beings can do things that humans cannot do with machines.
Production line improve the working efficiency of the operators and equipment, reducing costs (equivalent to increasing per capita output), reducing the processes of products, producing on the basis of balanced production line, improve production strain capacity, corresponding market changes, Realize flexible production system.
Now, Gelgoog mastered the advanced technology , We have Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Line, Commercial Donuts Product Line, Commercial Peanut Brittle production Line and more. 
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