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Automatic crisp bowl shape ice cream cup making machine

Publish Tina On 2016-12-15

As temperatures rise gradually, will also see a cold drink market. not only on the market of new products constantly emerging, and each enterprise is frequent, has opened the prologue of cold drink market fierce competition. Found in drinks industry continuously introduce new products, ice cream industry new development trends of the moment, as a technical support of food machinery equipment industry also needs to pull, the market for the product.

Today along with the advance of social development, people's consumption level is increasing day by day, continuously improve to the requirement of all kinds of food, as the summer ice cream that is one of the commonly used food is also in constant development. In order to cater to different consumer, ice cream maker on the "new" big effort, make ice cream cone into a variety of shapes, for example, crisp bowl shape,cup shape.

This full automatic crisp bowl shape ice cream cup making machine is use for making crisp bowl shape ice cream cup,bowl shape ice cream cup, and the size can be customer-made according to the requirement from the customer.

automatic crisp bowl shape ice cream cup making machine

The full automatic line including oven,conveyor,counting system,and raw material feeding bucket.
The machine is driven by the 3phase power and baking oven is heating with gas(natural gas or liquid gas).
The producing ability is very high and it is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming,falling off from molds,conveying products,stacking and counting.
The different baking machines to make different types of sugar rolled cones can be designed as the required by clients.
The same machine can make bowl-shaped cup with different specifications and shapes with changing the different molds
Automatic adjuster for top position for the natural heated cone (to make the cone neatly arranged)

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