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Biscuit is combustible: Is there any danger?

Publish sherry On 2016-12-12

Cookies, digestive biscuits, crackers...... A variety of flavors in the supermarket, a variety of biscuits can be fully occupied two or three shelves. Faced with so many different kinds of biscuits, do you know how to choose the most healthy? 
Biscuit is combustible: Is there any danger?First come and see what the cookies are made of.:
1 flour. To make cookies texture particularly brittle, the key is to select the low gluten flour, which is relatively small protein wheat flour.
2. grease. The biscuit making fats used in common vegetable oil is relatively good; and butter, lard, butter and other animal fats because of high saturated fat, low nutritional value; containing trans fatty acids "shortening, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oil is the most detrimental to health.
3. Sugar. Whether it is sugar or glucose syrup, or maltose syrup, starch syrup, corn syrup, is a simple sugar containing energy, health effects are the same. Be careful some companies use other syrup instead of sugar after the so-called sugar free food".
4. Other ingredients. A variety of flavors of cookies are essentially derived from flavors and pigments. The richer the taste, the more fresh the cookies may be more detrimental to health. In order to preserve the convenience and reduce the cost, it is possible to use a chocolate chip cookies for the production of cocoa butter, which often contains trans fatty acids.
So , the trans fatty acids cause the fire. So to choose the most healthy biscuits, the main point is to choose a light taste, less fat content. Whether the light taste taste know, kind to choose less oil is a bit more difficult.
If you want to produce the biscuits, you can choose our Fully Automatic biscuit Product Line, Biscuit can be grouped into hard biscuit, soft biscuit, cookie biscuit, according to the formula, process and different forming method. Hard biscuit production line is generally, composed of a feeding machine(if producing the soda biscuit or chocolate coated biscuit, anther lamination process is needed), a set of dough roller, through the dough rolling and dough sheet, then through the roller cutting machine, rest material recycling device, inlet oven machine, the entire biscuit forming line, For soft biscuit and cookie biscuit production line, only the o\forming machine and inlet oven machine can be the whole forming process, in order to increase the biscuit types and characteristics, customer can allocate the sugar& salt sprinkling machine, egg spraying machine, egg painting machine, calico printing machine, etc.
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