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The Secret Behind The Fortune Cookie

Publish sherry On 2016-12-06

Cookies is not only good taste, but also can satisfy hunger, deeply loved by people of all ages.When you eating a piece of fortune cookie, would you think about the secret behind the cookie? How it be produced?
Actually, cookie produced by Automatic Fortune Cookie Making Machine, There are two main steps to make cookie.
1.Baking the cookies 
The Secret Behind The Fortune CookieThe ingredients for fortune cookies are mixed together to form the batter. This watery dough is transferred by a pump to the fortune cookie oven, which is circular and contains a number of shallow cups with flat bottoms (about 3 inches [7.6 cm] in diameter) in the shape of the finished but unfolded cookie. When the cups are filled with the correct amount of dough, as regulated by the batter pump, flat metal plates are placed in the cups on top of the dough. The plates flatten the dough and also allow heat to transfer through the metal surfaces against both the top and bottom of the cookie so it is golden brown on both sides. The cookies rotate through the circular oven. One complete orbit takes 3.5 minutes, which is the time it takes the thin dough to bake. In a variation of this method, the dough is poured on a griddle and the round shapes are stamped out by metal forms.
When the cookie has finished baking, it sticks to the plate. As the plates are lifted up, a mechanical arm snatches the cookie from the plate and transfers it to a receiving area where the fortunes are added. The paper strips are sucked by vacuum onto the cookies. The cookies are pushed along to two mechanical fingers that grab the still hot cookie and fold it in half so it resembles a half-moon with the paper fortune inside. The machine then bends the cookie in the middle to its familiar crescent shape (which has been fancifully described as a pair of water wings, a fan, or an extracted molar!) The formed cookie is then cooled by air from a fan and pushed to the packaging area. Cookies are packed in small bags for store sale or large bags for restaurant use, and the bags are placed in cartons to protect their fragile cargo.
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