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The introduction of automatic packaging machine

Publish Ellie On 2016-12-01

According to relevant statistics, most consumers like to eating disserts when unhappy and depressed. As dessert is considered to be a good medicine for curing depression and relaxing mood, and chocolate is one of the representatives of disserts.
When it comes to the chocolate, the main impression of it will be romantic. In addition to romance, what else do you know about chocolates? The raw material of chocolate is the cocoa beans, which has a long history, and it’s said to be originated from Mexico. People admired chocolates in the period, and add pepper, tomatoes, and spices into beverage to produce bubbles, which is a kind of beverage for members in the palace. 
automatic packing machine
In the beginning, people only drink it, and invented by the Mexico, and then the explorer Hernándo Cortés found the beverage made of cocoa beans and spices in 16 century. After trying the new drink, he brought it back to Spain in 1528, and planted the cocoa trees in an island. The Spanish grinded the cocoa beans into powder, and made it into chocolate adding water and sugar. It became popular on the market very quickly, and its production method was introduced into Italy soon, with wide spread in European countries.
The most important reason for its popularity is the symbol of romance. Love is chocolate, which is the best gift for lovers. With the development of economy, the life quality of consumers is enhanced greatly whose requirements of products are also increasing. As for chocolate, its external packaging plays a vital part on the production process. Generally speaking, the packaging of chocolates is finished by the automatic packing machine at present, and the widely used packing machine is the pillow type packaging machine. The most obvious advantage of this packaging machine is its perfect connectivity to various production lines.
automatic packing machine
For the sake of saving costs and energy, this pillow type packaging machine can be connected to chocolate production line, peanut butter production line, and instant noodle production line and so on.

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