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Wafer biscuit machine manufacture china

Publish Tina On 2016-11-17

Waffles and wafer bread  popular all over the world now. Combining with the characteristics, development for different kinds of food. Waffles skins with egg and flour into a paste, poured in the mold of lattice, only takes a moment, then choose several different flavors of ice cream in it. Bite to even have belt stuffing, skin outermost also with heat, warming her teeth. Water moist face the next to the ice cream in the middle of the part is resilience. Also various jam sandwich, bean paste, fresh fruit, etc., or in surface water directly to eat, sweet sweet honey. With fresh, pure, many branched chain starch and high viscosity of glutinous rice as the main ingredient; Used oil, by alkali refining, flavor, decolorizing, hydrogenated became bored with sliding, no odor, white; Sugar mill into fine powder; Additive to high purity. Its production, first will wash, soak glutinous rice, dry, tsubaki powder, and fully dissolved sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, such as mixture, according to certain author for glutinous rice dough, cast mold folder, baked into bread slices. The solidification of continuous stirring, edible oils and fats to be bored with slide is good, add white sugar powder mix, besmear on bread slices, to stick full, finally saw into small pieces of various specifications, to become a finished product. Wafer cake bright color, level clear, sweet taste pure beauty, taste of Bulky and tender , long shelf life, contain a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, rich nutrition, high heat.
 wafer biscuit machine from GELGOOG company design mature, technical performance and quality, bake the wafer cake surface color and luster is uniform, the finished wafer cream evenly daub, cutting straight; Machine smooth operation, no abnormal noise. This production line has reliable performance, high output, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, simple operation, no pollution, etc. Across various electrical and mechanical parts all use well-known brands at home and abroad, long service life. Contact food part adopts 304 stainless steel, food grade PU belt, conform to the health and safety standards. The whole line including tunnel baking ovens, splicing machine, cooling machine, general cake, cream coating machine, vertical freezers and cutting machine, conveyor, control system adopts PLC control, human-machine interface simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance.

wafer biscuit machine
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