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The importance of wafer biscuit cooling machine

Publish Tina On 2016-11-08

A complete wafer biscuit production need a lot machines to complete the production needs. For example, wafer oven, cream spreading machine, wafer cutting machine, wafer cooling machine etc.
Many people may ignore the wafer cooling machine, but it really is an indispensable part of wafer biscuit production. The wafer biscuit making machine design maturity, technical performance and first-class quality, wafers surface color baking uniform, finished wafer cream evenly, cutting straight; the machine running smoothly, no abnormal noise. The production line has the advantages of reliable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple operation, no pollution, etc.
 In the wafer production line process, the wafer from the oven after coming out, need to go through the wafer cooling machine, after the wafer temperature down, and then to spreading cream by cream coating machine.
Do you know the wafer cooling machine function?    
The wafer coating sandwich before the process of natural air cooling, reducing the temperature of the wafer. To reduce the temperature of the wafer, wafer will not be too crisp, avoid pie slice in the coating process of sandwich laminated extrusion appears brittle fracture caused by defective phenomenon.
The natural cooling effect to ease wafers by thermal stress. Soft cooling. The wafer piece easily broken. Good taste. This machine is also connected to the conveyor oven cream coating machine. As well as pick up a piece. Checking function. Technical parameters: MITSUBISHI inverter. And through the sensor.SEW motor to transmit detection. Material: shell frame. And the use of 304 stainless steel and cooling time: 3~5 minutes.
Cold tablets running rhythm conveyor chain and baking furnace wafer wafer release rhythm. Cake conveying to take an upright way, shorten the delivery distance, to extend the time of air cooling, thereby saving the equipment occupied space. Bridge design to facilitate the work of the production staff.
wafer cooling machine

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