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The Future Development of China's Food Machinery

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-08

At present,China's machinery industry is still facing the main problem is the lack of demand and new innovations and so on. Especially, in view of the overall situation of deepening subjective coping ability to reform the machinery enterprises have put forward higher requirements. Expects sales and China's machinery industry profit growth will reach about 12%.

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The Government has issued a number of fiscal and financial policies, especially for small businesses to provide a number of concessions,actively support the strengthening of cross-border investment management capacities. Encourage enterprises to carry out foreign trade and provide investment, operational, labor and other insurance services. These are the favorable conditions for further expansion of exports.

Howbeit, as the labor required, finance, environmental protection and other input of the production and operation’s prices rise, as well as the expected appreciation of the RMB , export enterprises operating costs continue to rise. 

Although the Chinese machinery products currently exist certain international comparative advantages, years of sustained export growth has led to increasingly intense trade frictions. Coupled with the continued weakening of the RMB exchange rate competitiveness , further expansion this year, Chinese exports of machinery products is more and more difficult.

The transformation and upgrading of China's machinery industry in efforts to resolve the serious part of production progress, has made a new process. Has a competitive advantage in the international market, the product will continue to expand; foreign investment enterprises go out, expand international management to achieve new results.

2014, agricultural modernization and urbanization progresses, will provide a better foundation for the protection and market space of the food industry, the food industry is expected to further optimize the product structure, the quality of industrial development will be further improved. China's food machinery exports has great potential in the future.

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