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Biscuit spreading machine-an indispensable part of wafer biscuit production

Publish Tina On 2016-11-08

  Many people like to eat wafer biscuit, in fact, wafer biscuit is delicious, a large part of the reason is in the middle of the cream, you know that butter is how to put it up? coat this cream only need to use cream spreading machine
  The biscuit spreading machine plays a very important role in the wafer baking process. So what the function of this machine in the making process? Biscuit spreading machine,also called cream spreading machine. which is used to spread the cream in biscuit .But do you know anything about this machine?
  Generally speaking, the ordinary chip configuration only need a coating machine is enough. But if you want to produce multilayer biscuit cookies, and want to coated with several layers of different cream, then you need to in the process of your biscuit production configuration several cream coating machine.
  This biscuit spreading machine is used for wafer cake cream daub and laminated, the equipment is suitable for a variety of materials, (such as cream, chocolate, cheese sauce). Cream roll in the cake surface evenly daub cream, cream thickness is adjustable, cream designed a heating device, keep the temperature of the cream. (you can choose 2-3 butter head.)
  The machine is important machine of decided to wafer and cream layer number distribution, On the cooling of wafer has evenly daub cream, and then a slight pressure let the bread and cream combine, cream layer number and the number of wafer piece can be adjusted, the machine according to the layer number of adjusted automatically calculated.
1. The cylinder type elevating conveyor belt
2. The cream roller set heating device
3. Rotate the laminated structure, laminated can set 2-8 layers
4. The system is equipped with heating over temperature alarm and fault alarm
5. PLC automatic control program
6. HMI man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation
7. Apply speed: 45 pieces/minute
biscuit spreading machine

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