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Sesame Candy Making Machine Sold to US

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-08

In October, we traded a sesame candy making machine to US,this production line is mainly used for seeds cakes, egg crisp, swelled candy rice, frozen swelled candy rice and other forthcoming square food processing.The sesame making machine with high efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate, small footprint and easy operation.

The line is made by heating mixing reciprocating planish, automatic sliced composition, mix with simple operation, finished product size, heavy gram is consistent.Automatic cutting machine, once moldings, product size, heavy gram is consistent.

sesame candy making machine

sesame candy making machine

sesame candy makng machine

The production line is made of :Automatic Sesame Peeling Machine---Sesame Candy--- Automatic Roaster---Sugar Cooking Pot--- Temperature Control Machine--- Non stick Mixer---Automatic Forming Machine---Automatic Packaging Machine

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