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The automation and intelligence will be the trend of packing machine

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-04

  With the development of technology and science, the packaging machine industry is also being diversified, and intelligence and automation are the main trend of packing machine.
  When it comes to packing machine, there are various types of machines included, such as pillow type packaging machine, granule packaging machine, filling machine, heat shrinking machine, and the most popular vacuum packaging.
  Since 1950, polyester and polyethylene plastic film have been successfully used in commodity packaging, vacuum packaging machine has been rapid developed. The United States has a long history of the development of packaging machinery in the world, which has formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system.
  As one of the packaging machinery producers in the world, China started relatively late, but the packaging equipment has experienced research process of introduction, digestion, development, and it has been upgrading all the time when learning from other countries.
In order to keep pace with the development of the packing machine industry, a vacuum packaging machine with high work efficiency and inner performance is provided by the GELGOOG Company.
packing machine
  The vacuum packing machine can automatically extract the air in the bag, and the sealing process can be finished after the vacuum degree is reached. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then to complete the sealing process. The vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can be anti oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. The Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine is easy to operate, with PLC Control system, the machine can finish packaging at one time, and do not need time to adjust, high packing speed, low breaking rate, with the continuous gear belt, the machine can transport the product automatic, and save a lot of time.  
packing machine
  The food packed by the vacuum packaging machine can be kept for a long time, and it is difficult to deteriorate. Therefore, if you are engaged in food production industry, why not equip your plants with such an automatic vacuum packaging machine? if more detailed information about the vacuum packaging machine is needed, please browse the website of the CELGOOG Company.

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