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The automatic packaging machine for biscuit

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-04

  As a kind of favorable snacks in the market, biscuits are popular among consumers for a long time, whether the young or the old, women or men. Especially, in all kinds of festivals, people will choose biscuits as a gift for relatives or friends which represents the respect and wishes. In western countries, biscuits are also the indispensable snacks after tea food. What’s more, the view of eating coarse grains is very popular among people, as one of the coarse grains, so biscuit has a huge market. Maybe you will wonder how to make biscuit, therefore, the biscuit making machine is needed. However, the survey shows that the biscuit with a nice packaging will be more popular among consumers, so a good biscuit packing machine should be equipped with the biscuit production line.
biscuit packing machine
  With the development of food machinery industry, the classification of packaging machines is diversified constantly, so different products will be equipped with different packaging machines, generally speaking, there are filling packaging machine, granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine.
  In terms of the packaging of biscuit, the pillow type packaging machine is the best choice. 
biscuit packing machine
  The pillow type packaging machine is a kind of continuous packaging machine with strong capacity, and suitable for a variety of specifications for food and non-food packaging. There is a obvious feature of this machine: manufacturers can use the packaging materials which has a label of their brand, as the brand marketing is more and more important in the fierce competition.
  With high working efficiency and low defections, biscuits packed with this machine are well-shaped and with good sealing effect so as to prolong the shelf life time. What’s more, there is a self fault diagnosis function with this machine is case of any special situation.
  It is suitable for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, disposable supplies, metal products, plastics products, and so on, and it can be connected to all kinds of production line.
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