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Package of Biscuits is Important?

Publish admin On 2015-12-24

When you buy biscuits in super market or have them at home ,have you ever pay attention to its packing?

Ever wondered why some biscuits in selection tins are wrapped in foil?  The same question applies to some chocolates in boxes of chocolates of course, but biscuits are what concern us here.
Most people presume that it is simply a presentational gimmick - a way of adding a 'premium feel' to the selection - but this comes at a material cost and seems unlikely to be enough justification in its own right.
Although some foiling of biscuits is clearly vanity, the biscuit afficionado prefers the following answer: "flavour migration".  Certainly orange creams, mint Creams and the like are more likely to be foil wrapped; and these are the biscuits that have the most intense flavours which are likely to migrate and contaminate the other biscuits in the selection.
That is true,package does protect biscuits from smell and taste pollution.Package with powerful protect effect, can keep the food fresh and tasty. But for biscuits ,package also can be plastic and paper eeven other material. If you wanna pack them, you also can try our biscuit packing machines.
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