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Can we make crafts with Cookie Cutter?

Publish admin On 2015-12-24

Can we  make crafts with Cookie Cutter?Which crafts can we make? Here are the answers.
Cinnamon air fresheners. Mix equal parts of sweetened applesauce and cinnamon. Knead and squeeze until a solid dough forms. Press it down to about 1/4″ thickness and cut out with a cookie cutter. Use a drinking straw to poke a hole near the top so that you can thread a ribbon through it after baking. Place the cut outs on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 325 until they harden. Cool completely, then string a ribbon through the hole and hang.

Sun art. Set a cookie cutter on top of solar paper (or even very dark construction paper) and set it in bright sun for a few hours. The cookie cutter will keep the paper from changing color where it sits, and the rest of the paper will darken (for solar paper) or fade (for construction paper).
Recycled crayons. Set a metal cookie cutter on a metal baking sheet. Fill the cookie cutter up with broken crayons (wrappers removed) and bake at 350 degrees. Watch it closely, the crayons will melt and form one large, shaped crayon. Allow to cool and pop the crayon out.
Stained glass candy. Use Jolly Ranchers (or similar candy) in the same way that you use the crayons in #3 above. Heat the candy until it just melts, allow it to cool, and pop out of the cookie cutter.
Garlands or ornaments. For a garland, tie a dozen or so cookie cutters along a velvet ribbon, tying a knot between each. For ornaments, tie 1 to 3 cookie cutters to a loop of thin ribbon. Attach to a wreath, tree, mirror, or almost anywhere. For a personalized ornament, you could attach a picture inside the cookie cutter, and tie it up in the same way. What Grandmother wouldn’t want to decorate her Christmas tree with ornaments of her little cherubs?
Stencils. Cookie cutters are perfect stencils. Use them to make coloring pages for small kids, to make shaped cards, to decorate wrapping paper, and about a thousand other things. You can even use the cookie cutters themselves to paint.
Dough shapes. Play-Doh, salt dough, homemade Bisquick dough. If you want to play, crumple up and reuse the shapes. If you want to use the shapes to decorate, bake and harden them.cookie cutter crafts
Floating candles. I think these are really cute, and they are simple to make. The best part? You can recycle old bits o’ candle that are lying around.
Bird feeders. You can cut a piece of bread using a cookie cutter, smear it with peanut butter, and then press the peanut butter into bird seed. It’s like the old pine cone bird feeder but with a piece of bread.
And in a nice, fun shape.

You can also make other crafts,just open your mind and use your imagination.If your wanna have a industrial biscuit cutter,may be you need contact us.

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