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The LG-25 automatic ice cream cone roasting machine consists of (1) fuel system ;
(2) Roasting wheel; (3) Transmission system ; (4) material feed pump; (5)
Pneumatic device ; (6) bracket: (7) Reamer device ; (8) molding cone system; (9) manipulator ; (10) electrical system.
The machine is drived by the main electromotor (consult drawing 8); the power transits the stepless transmission components, and is distributed to the correlative components
To insure the level of the machine, please fit the four seat-devices of the machine on the seat bolts that are on the floor.
And turn the screw to regulate the level of the machine, and then lock it via the locknut. The installation of the combustible gas pipes should be tight, and any leakage is not permissible. When connect the power supply, please check whether the power voltage matches the request.
The machine needs use together with a dough mixer machine.
Manual operation
1.Install the machine correctly, turn on electricity.
2.Put approprate water and flour in the mixer.
3.Press the open switch of LG-25
4.Collect the ice cream cone.
1.When use the machine for the first time, it is essential to lubricate and tighten all of the bolts according to the request,especially inspect whether the transmission belt is install on the electromotor or not. 
2.After installation of the belt, it is essential to rotate the electromotor for some circles with hand before switch on the power, if there are not mechanical malfunctions, please switch on the power supply, and check if the functions of the accident alarm devices are reliable.
3.By pressing the emergency button switch (drawing 1-3) and pedal (drawing 1-12), The machine can be stopped.
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