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Do you know biscuit oven?

Publish admin On 2015-10-16

Wafer biscuit, also known as waffles, d's cake,originated in Europe in Belgium.With fresh, pure,  and high viscosity of glutinous rice as the main ingredient;Used oil needs complicated process to make it have no odor and white;Sugar needs mill into fine powder and additive requires high purity.
Wafer biscuit baking oven is a professional wafer making machine which can produce various kinds of wafer biscuits.Its whole shell adopts 304 Stainless Steel in accordance with the health and safety standard. It also keeps the materials clean, safe and healthily.
Wafer biscuit baking oven offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production cost. It is high production capacity ,high automation and high recycle rate when it is used in the whole product line.Thanks to the scientific selection of heating components, superior material selection for baking plate and reasonable die carrier structure, the heat colors of the center and periphery of the wafer block having been baked are unanimous.
As the most important equipment of full-automatic wafer production line, tunnel gas baking machine has extraordinarily outstanding performances for its high efficiency . It can baking 920pieces/h.
Approved by ISO9001 ,CE, CO and SGS. It is trustworthy and reliable.It enjoys a wide market around the word, especially in India and East Asia. If you want to produce wafer biscuit, you can not avoid using it. Whether sugar biscuit,chocolate wafer biscuit or Sugar Free Cookies, it all can produce. We can also customize it for you ,once you have special needs.
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