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Publish admin On 2015-09-22

As the Chinese festival,the Mid-autumn Festival, is around the corner, many Chinese businessman is preparing to trade mooncake ahead the day.   During the Mid-Autumn Festival, soons and daughters come back to their parents’ house. Sometimes people who have settled overseas will return  to visit their parents. They stay togehther eat mooncake ,admire the full moon and talk with each other. Mooncake soon will be a hot, all Chinese people around the world will buy it.
In order to meet market needs, LONGER offer an mooncake packing machine.This machine can pack many kinds of foods,vegetables and fruits, really a convient and durable packaging machine.

The mooncake packing machine is suitable for packing food, solid, plastic products, medical supplies, stationery, hardware accessories, ice cream biscuit,bread,mooncake and other kinds of daily necessities cartons or pallets packing regular objects
The characteristics:
1:Dual frequency conversion control, bag length freely adjustable
2:digital screen, full CNC adjustment, convenient and flexible operation.
3:anti-cut material can be increased with the device, security will be guaranteed.
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