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Publish admin On 2015-09-22

Cream mixer mixes the sugar, butter and other matters abundantly according to the technology prescription.The machine frame is all made of steel with international standard and the cover and its cream barrel adopts imported 304 stainless steel plate with thickness of 3mm.

Work principle
The equipment is used to mix the shortening, sugar power, essence, overall wastage of wafer baking system, maltose in a slow speed and then mix the cream, peanut butter, chocolate butter and sesame completely through high speed.With temperature-keeping for the pulp and storage barrel, fixed quantity transmission pump which can convey the cream to the bucket of the cream spreading machine.

We imported fittings adopted, ensuring steady effect and minimum system failure.Its electrical machine and decelerating machine from SEW of Germany with high quality.
Two speed gear are available for this machine, you can choose it according to your capacity to ensure it meet your needs. If you have any question you can ask our sales,too. The CE approved machine are used widely in wafer product line.

1Install the machine correctly,check it firstly.
2.Turn on the electricity.
3.Put some flour and water into it to do a test make sure it can work well.
4.Turn on the switch.
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