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Rajgira Chikki Making Machine Introduction

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-18

rajgira chikki making machine
This rajgira chikki making machine can produce rajgira chikki, snack bar, peanut candy, pop rice cake, crispy snack, crispy caramel treats, etc. These food has good appearance, high quality, many manufacturers use the machine to make these food, if you are interested, please eamil me for the machine price and details.
The machine has many advantages:
1. It can produce square shapes snack products, if you want to make the other shapes, we can customized the mould by your requirement .
2. It can work together with full automatical packing machine.
3. It can adjust the length of the candy any time, if you need to change the width, you need to change the cutter.
4. It use high quality stainless steel 304 materials, make sure it has long service life.
5. It can make the large capacity rajgira chikki, It will save a lot of work and cost.
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