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How to Make Cream Wafer Biscuits?

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-05

Wafer biscuit is a commercial equipment for making high quality wafer biscuits, the machine is suitable for many wafer biscuit factory and other food factory. Wafer production line equipment, the maximum production capacity were class produce 2 tons and 4 tons, 7 tons. Far infrared electric heating, superconducting liquid heating, electricity, gas roasting, furnace temperature adjustable self-control, belt drive, stepless speed regulation, running water production. The main single machine has: laminated machine, cream coating machine, cold plate machine, tunnel type oven, molding machine, cutting machine, conveyor, cake machine and so on. Can produce all kinds of crisp, toughness, ultra-thin, soda, sandwich and other high, medium, low, grade products.
wafer biscuit production line
Here is a working video of wafer biscuit making machine:
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