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Ice Cream Cone Machine Whole Service

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-03

Ice cream cone making machine has a good appearance, it's a sturdy and durable equipment, the machine is mainly used for making different shapes and sizes ice cream cones, if you want to buy this machine, you can buy it from our company. We have perfect after-sale service to ensure that your machine has quality assurance and ease of use.
wafer cone making machine
After-sale service of the wafer cone making machine:
1, free warranty for one year.
2, the following does not belong to the scope of repair service, but can provide assistance or maintenance fees:
1) the damage is caused by the use, maintenance, improper storage and irresistible force of the consumer.
2) the consumer dismantling or repairing the damage by itself.
3) damage to the product caused by the voltage instability and beyond the normal voltage range or the unconformity of the power line.
4) product damage caused by irresistible factors such as fire, earthquake and other factors and other factors.
3, product repair, be sure to timely feedback: to explain the cause of the failure or to provide related photos.
As a result of the product quality problems, the following points are dealt with in the warranty period:
1) general operation malfunction is assisted by telephone communication technology.
2) a slight damage to the part causes the failure, and the damaged parts are replaced by us.
3) serious failures need professional maintenance. First, we need to maintain the local joint guarantee points. If there is no joint guarantee point, we can negotiate back to the factory for repair.
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