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Automatic Wafer Production Line Introduction

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-23

The automatic wafer production line is based on the actual situation of biscuit manufacturing industry in China, and has absorbed the foreign advanced production experience design and manufacturing. The surface of the baked wafer is uniform and the wafer cream is smooth and smooth. The machine runs smoothly without abnormal noise. The production line has the characteristics of reliable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple operation and no pollution. All electrical and mechanical parts of the machine adopt international/domestic famous brand, long service life. 304 stainless steel and food grade PU belt are adopted in the contact food parts, which meet the hygienic safety standard.

This company product wafer biscuit making machine often sold to all over the world, a large number of export to many countries in the world, including: Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Jordan, Algeria, Pakistan, uzbekistan, Romania, Poland, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Brazil and other countries.
Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction and expand the company's brand. We strictly control the technical performance, quality and customer requirements of the equipment before sales. We have a perfect after-sales service management, and has an experienced debugging engineer team, able to provide users with timely, fast equipment maintenance, spare parts replacement, problem solving, etc.
automatic wafer production line
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