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Awards Moment--Smash Gold Eggs

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-20

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Gelgoog rewards in a variety of ways, the heart 100 percent "gifts to enjoy non-stop, there is not much to say on the team bonus prize, personal travel, team travel awards... But have you ever had this experience? Multiple opportunities, the mysterious "Mr. King egg", combined with a weekly balance of acid... Come, let us experience the sprint of smashing golden egg!
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At the beginning of the December trip to Songshan, all employees in the company's testimony, each department made their vows, set your goal sprint. "Be yourself, do the best of yourself!" It's our attitude; "no matter how hard it is, just take the first!" It's our soul; "every dream is worth doing!" It's our sincerity!
In order to achieve better performance and achieve higher goals, they choose to climb up from the warm quilt early every morning, choose to fight until midnight every day, and choose to spend their comfortable weekend at their desk. They have given up their comfort and comfort before they have achieved the achievements that others have not achieved, and then they have a remarkable moment of winning the prize.
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