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Instructions Of Pizza Cone Forming Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-07

The application of Pizza Cone Forming Machine:
It is suitable used for Western food shop equipment, cake room equipment, leisure food plant equipment, leisure fast food equipment, bakery equipment, beverage shop equipment, others.

Automatic cone pizza maker advantages:
The fuselage all stainless steel made, beautiful and generous, durable, easy to clean up. High density aluminum alloy mold, beautiful, sanitary, durable, effective prevention of material adhesion mold. The machine is easy to operate, the novice is easy to operate, and is used for a lifetime.
pizza cone forming machine manufacturer
Advanced technology:
the introduction of advanced technology and technology in Italy with sophisticated equipment and numbered numbers in the country
safety production: button control for the production process of the canister's canister
Flexible production: temperature adjustable, adjust the upper and lower die temperatures of the cartridge mold according to the different formulas
Directive reminding: the built-in automatic alarm device for the sweet tube pizza machine, the peripheral power indicator light + mold core temperature hint
Emergency plan: emergency stop key, only one press, drop stop work

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