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Peanut Candy Making Machine Sold to Palestine

Publish Lisa On 2017-11-28

Peanut candy making machine is the main product in our company, this machine is mainly used for peanut candy, sachima, Kima Crisp and other snack foods forming. It has the characteristics of continuous feeding, pre-pressing and multi-channel roller rolling automatic forming. The finished product has the advantages of smooth surface, moderate density and even thickness, which realizes the automation and intelligence. The machine adopts frequency conversion technology and all the actions are coordinated by PLC Accurate, different products and processes to adjust the speed and thickness to achieve the best effect of product molding.

We sold this peanut brittle production line to Pakistan last week. This client has a workshop, he is going to make peanut candy business, so he searched our company online and contacted us, and came to China. He visited our factory and saw the effect of the trial machine, then decided to buy our machine.
peanut candy making machine
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