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How Much Does A Set of Pizza Cone Machine Cost?

Publish Lisa On 2017-11-17

Pizza cone maker machine as a main equipment to make the cone pizza, i think many people want to know it's price. Pizza cone machine is an ideal machine for cone pizza mkaing, the machine consists of pizza cone forming machine, rotary pizza cone oven and pizza display cabinet, etc.

1, cone pizza machine GG-4 model is fashionable and reasonable structure, all stainless steel, durable, simple operation, key control.
2, the temperature adjustable, to ensure that the pizza cone beautiful and complete molding.
3, through the CE and ISO: 9001-2008 and other international standards certification, quality, safety and reliability, the use of a long time.
4, can produce 4 pizza cones at once, is the best equipment for baking pizza, is the essential confectionery pizza equipment used by major restaurants.

The price of the machine is according to the machine capacity, we have many models for you choose, if you want to know more about it, please contact with me:
pizza cone maker machine price
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