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What is the Difference Between a Sugar Cone and a Wafer Cone?

Publish Lisa On 2017-11-08

wafer cone making machine|ice cream cone making machine
When people ask us about an ice cream cone, we will tell the customer what kind of cone he wants to do, so we will ask them to send out the finished product in the process of communication. Why is that? In fact, it's easy, because some of the guests don't know what the two cones are, like the wafer cone and the sugar cone.

Here I will introduce the difference of the two kinds of ice cream cones. Wafer cone is a soft cone, it's not crisp like the sugar cones, and there's no eggs in the ingredients, when make the wafer cones, we use the machine can formed one time, but the sugar cone need baking and rolling, it need two steps. And in the sugar cone formula, need eggs, that can make the cone more crispy and delicious. And the sugar cone surface is a waffle pattern, so also called waffle cone.

So if you want to choose the ice cream cone making machine, you can send me your cone pictures, and then we can choose the suitable machine for you.
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