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Automatic Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Manufacturer

Publish Lisa On 2017-10-10

wafer biscuit making machine
This wafer biscuit making machine  can bake a variety of wafer biscuit, the production of double layer or three layer sandwich senior wafer biscuit equipment. The machine is easy to operate, safe, reliable, and hygiene. Biscuit taste delicious, look beautiful. Also, it is popular in the market. This machine can make many kinds of wafer biscuit, which is the perfect equipment of making double-deck and three-deck wafer biscuit.
This machine has advantages of convenient operation, safe and reliable, clean and healthy. This machine make wafer biscuit is beautiful color and tasty.
The Detailed Parameters:
Capacity: 170-180pcs/h
Dryer mould cavity:370x272-1.5 (decorative pattern can be ordered)
Total power: 23.1kw
Electrical heated tube: 220v
Frequency: 50HZ
Table-board speed: 3r/min
Outline size: 2000* 1200mm
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