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Semi Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machines Shipped To Pakistan

Publish Lisa On 2018-10-12

Ice Cream Cone Machines Pakistan
In Pakistan, we have a lot of cooperative customers, selling machines have been praised by customers. Recently, we have welcomed customers from Pakistan and purchased semi automatic ice cream cone machines from our company. This machine is mainly manual operation, semi-automatic, one person can operate, simple and convenient, making ice cream cone fast, high output, machine price is also very reasonable. The customer has an ice cream cone processing workshop in the area, small size, this semi-automatic ice cream cone cone machine is very suitable for smaller-scale workshops, it covers an area of small, and the machine under all with wheels, can be convenient to move, do not need time can also be fixed. Ice cream cone machine model is 32 mode, the output per hour can reach 800 to 1000, the production of ice cream cone shape beautiful, intact without breakage.
Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machines
This is the company's new ice cream cone equipment, the mold is 32, each time you can make 32pcs ice cream cones, baking time is 1 minute or two, up to 800-1000 per hour. In addition to this output, we have other models, the production has the smallest 60pcs per hour to 120pcs/h, 300-350pcs/h, 600-800pcs/h, 800-1000pcs/h, 1200pcs/h, 1800pcs/h and so on. Customers can choose the output they want. And the ice cream cone machines are made of high-quality carbon steel material, the food contact part is 304 stainless steel material, to ensure the health of food. and high-quality materials to ensure long service life of the machine, the surface of the carbon steel material makes the machine beautiful shape.
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