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Professional Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Manufacturer

Publish Lisa On 2017-08-31

1. According to the requirement of foreign and domestic market, our company developed and manufactured this Automatic biscuit production line, with original design, compact structure and high automatic, is developed on the base of absorbing Japanese technology. All working procedures that from dough feeding, sheeting, molding, waste recycling, baking to cooling can be completed automatically in one line.
2. Hundreds of moulds and dozens of technology recipes make it possible to produce all kinds of popular biscuits.
3. Process flow: Flour→Mixing→Shaping →Roasting →Spraying oil →Serving machine→Cooling →Stacking→Cooling→Packing →Final Product.
4. Our technicians will be arranged to install and commissioning the biscuit machine and train your operating and maintenance workers.
Wafer production line includes: such as 45 mould, automatic gas plates baking oven, splicing machine, cooler, wafer sheet screening machine, cream spreading machine, vertical freezer, wafer cutting machine, beater mixer, cream mixer, smashing machine, sugar crusher, air compressor each one, as well as incidental to provide spare parts and tools.

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