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China Peanut Brittle Making Machine Supplier

Publish Lisa On 2017-08-24

peanut brittle
As a professional peanut brittle making machine manufacturer, our company is main produce the advanced peanut candy machines, the machine made of stainless steel, food grade sanitary materials, adopt the high degree of automation to make different shapes and sizes peanut candy. It not only can make peanut brittle, it also make sachima, sesame candy, cereal bar, etc.

Peanut candy machine has many characteristics: The whole machine line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, automatic cuts composition, the peanut candy machine have the advantage of simple operation, stir the finished size, and the weight consistent. Far infrared heating, nonstick sides of casks, stir evenly, nonstick pot. The machine have automatic control reciprocating motion, the average level. Automatic dicer, a molding,product size and weight consistent. 
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