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How to Make Ice Cream Cones with Different Shapes and Sizes?

Publish Lisa On 2018-10-09

How to Make Ice Cream Cones
How to make ice cream cones with different shapes and sizes, here only need one machine can realize. This machine is a semi automatic wafer cone machine, it has different models to choose from, the output of each model is different, and the size of the ice cream cone production is different. Most importantly, one machine can be used with multiple molds to produce ice cream cones of different shapes and sizes. That is to say, if the customer wants to make different cone, he does not need to buy multiple equipment, one machine, and multiple molds is ok, and this machine mold can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Our company is a professional manufacturer for manufacturing the ice cream cones with different shapes and sizes, the wafer cone machine has different models and the machine mould also different. So we can use the machine to make different shpes and sizes cones. Such as general cone shape, rectangular, square, bowl, flower shape, etc. So if you need the type machine, you can send me your requirement, we can choose the suitable one for you, and we can also customized for you.

Different shapes and sizes of ice cream cones
Types of Ice Cream Cones

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