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Cookie Biscuit Making Machine Is Hot Selling

Publish Lisa On 2017-06-22

biscuit making machine
Cookie biscuit making machine
has high automation, it can automatically finish feeding, pressure surface forming, transport, waste recovery, baking, fuel injection, cooling, etc., biscuit thickness can be adjusted, mechanical speed can be fast can slow the infinite adjustment, and with automatic temperature control and a series of advanced equipment.

The biscuit production line is high in automation, stable in performance and excellent material, and its food contact is made of stainless steel. The shape of the cookies depends on the different molds, which are formed at one time and are able to make different types of cookies. The cookie biscuit forming machine is mainly used for forming biscuits, biscuit making machine is the ideal equipment to make the biscuits with different shapes and sizes. The product is very hot.

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