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How to Make Crisp Cone At Home?

Publish Lisa On 2017-06-15

crisp cone bowlcrisp cone bowl
With the advent of hot summer, back to home after the sun insolates, the first time will think of the ice food, so make cold product is you want to study at home, but we don't have ice cream store all kinds of machines, how we make at home? Just follow me now.

Prepare ingredients: butter 90g, fine sugar 65g, egg 4 (about 180g), low powder 80g, and a little salt.
The procedure of the crispy cone:
1. stiring butter and fine sugar then formed feather shpe.
2. add a small amount of total egg mixture until the oil fusion water in many times.
3. sift in the low flour and salt and mix well with the egg mixture, the batter standby.
4. put a spoonful of batter in the center of the pan and close the lid to baking.
5. baking for a few minutes until the surface of the egg roll is dry and yellowish then removed.
6. put it in a small bowl when it still heat.
7. use the appropriate the bottom of sphere pressed into the small bowl.
8. when cooled, the ice cream bowl is finished.
This is a method to do at homw, if you want to a large capacity, there is a commercial crisp cone making machine, you can choose.
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