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Ice Cream Cone Rolling Machine Sold to Australia

Publish Lisa On 2017-04-05

ice cream cone rolling machine

Ice cream coem rolling machine
was sold to Australia, at the same time, the customer also bought the ice cream cone baking machine, this machine is always used with rolling machine. The set of ice cream cone making machine spent a total of $more than 20 thousand. The baking machine can alone working without any workers, it is just responsible for baking. If you need to roll the cookie to become the ice cream cone, also need one worker. The machine with high capacity production, easy to operate, saving time and energy.

Ice cream is very popular all over the world, and it's popular doesn't leave the ice cream cone, ice cream and ice cream cone is inseparable. The current production of ice cream cone machine manufacturers more and more, our company's competition is becoming more and more big, but this does not affect our business, it will only make us more spirit.
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