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Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Working Video

Publish Lisa On 2017-03-27

The process flow of wafer biscuit making line
Beating machine--baking oven--pick up machine--cream mixer--sheeting-out machine--cool machine, cream coating machine--cutting machine--crushing machine--packing.

This production line is of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of advanced structure, using electric and gas heating for heat source research and design of a new generation of products, domestic exclusive development, it has successfully solved the wafer biscuit production, the production cost is high, the biscuit surface color is nonuniform questions.

This wafer biscuit production line consists of mixing system, automatic feeding, tunnel oven, sending machine, cooling machine, coating machine, slicing machine, etc, the production line has a reliable performance, compact structure, covers an area of small, high yield and low energy consumption, easy maintenance, easy operation, no environmental pollution, etc characteristics.
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